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* The board is a mixture of PVC and foam, in addition to 11 other materials
* They are pulled like panels and pressed to a density equal to natural wood
Therefore, it is treated as natural wood in terms of:
- shredding
- perforation
It is also paintable
- Tearable tape for letters
- Drillable
- printable
- Heat moldable
Compressible with fromica, HPL and PVC lamination sheets
It is used in all woodwork for the manufacture of furniture and furniture
and for decorations
- and cladding
Swimming pool floors and walls
Any place exposed to water or moisture
- Propaganda and advertisement
- Caravan floors and weights
It is also included in some handicraft and heavy industries
- Lifetime warranty against water and because it is proudly made in Egypt
We can manufacture any color as per your request
We can manufacture the board with any thickness from 3 mm to 30 mm upon request
We also provide thicknesses of 17 mm, 12 mm and 4.5 mm in our warehouses permanently.
The board size is 122 by 244 cm

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